What About Piercings and Tattoos??

Re-edited October 29, 2005

During prayer this morning, April 15, 2005, the Lord revealed something that shook me!

For several years I've been watching the growth of piercings and tattoos in our society. I always considered it just a craze generated out of immaturity. That was the only way I could explain it, because tattooing and heavy duty piercing has in the past mostly been observed among barbaric, aboriginal, uncivilized peoples, and of course among convicts and soldiers. Generally, in the past, the more civilized a society was the less of such things went on. I just attributed these things to the stupid hormone that seems to flow more in the bodies of so many adolescents; you know the hormone that causes youths to see how many people they can stuff in a VW, or how many goldfish they can swallow whole, the "dumb-dumb" hormone, that flows so vigorously in so many of us when we are young.

But then I began to see sophisticated senior citizens with tattoos and multiple piercings on the ears, eyebrows and nose. That really got my attention. What is going on?? I saw this 60 year old lady who looked like an ink blotter and a pin cushion. I knew she was too old to still have the adolescent stupids flowing in her veins. I wondered if maybe there was some kind of senior citizen dumb-dumb hormone, maybe??? I was stumped over the powerful attraction people felt, pulling them into piercing and tattooing.

Much of society is going bonkers about tattoos, piercings and other aboriginal activities. Even in the church, where we always took Leviticus 19:28 very seriously, the piercings and tattoos are like an epidemic. In the past the senior saints always taught us that our body was a holy temple of the Holy Spirit. They taught us that God had specifically and very carefully designed our mortal temple as HE desired. We were not to pollute, markup, or purposely scar the temple of God. We were told that Leviticus 19:28 was the Bible basis for the sacred treatment we were to give our temple of flesh and blood. This is what that Scripture says:

"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD."

For several years I have been wondering about the significance of this sweeping cultural change. I have been in shock as I would see the endless graffiti upon bodies, the strange objects forced through the skin. It reminded me of the native peoples I had seen in forgotten jungles of past times. Today the Holy Spirit revealed to me what this is all about. The Spirit of God is so wonderful. God will answer our questions, if we will only seek HIM.

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." [Jeremiah 33:3]

Here then is what the Spirit of God revealed.

People who pierce their tongue, eye brows, navel, necks, and on and on....people who go under the electric tattoo needle that makes thousands of piercings to inject ink under the skin....people who do that will show very little resistance when the government orders the population to run down to their local post office to receive a cyber chip injected into their right hand, arm or forehead. The Bible predicts that such a mark will be required in the last days of time.

The tattoo and piercing craze is Satan's "softener-upper" that prepares people for cyber chip injections. The tattoo and piercing craze is removing the natural fear of needles, and the natural fear of implanting objects under the skin!

As a young man reading the Book of Revelation I couldn't imagine how the citizens of any land could be convinced to massively allow a government to mar their body, branding them with a mark that would permit them to shop and do their daily business. I thought, "The end of time must be very, very far off, because people are no where near allowing such an invasive violation of their rights and of their physical bodies!!"

But, after tattoos and piercing sweeps society, getting a computer chip injected in the hand will be a snap! It will be WAY COOL. Maybe the Government will even offer a designer model that leaves a small hook hanging out on the surface of the body so folks can hang a big jewel on their identification mark!! Accessories are REALLY IN these days!!

When the Spirit of God showed me this....something within me exploded with a powerful witness. I knew, that I knew that the Spirit had revealed this thing, and it was extremely true.

The Holy Spirit is revealing that the workings of darkness are preparing society for the piercing and the tattoo of the beastly, one world, injectable cyber chip. The "twinkling of an eye" is very, very near!