The REAL Mt. Sinai From Space

Do you See that little black dot?? More satellite pics that you can enlarge below.
Mt. Sinai from Space

"Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar [Hagar, Abraham's and Sarah's maid who conceived by Abraham and bore Ishmael]. For this Agar is [represents] mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children." [Galatians 4:24-25]

In the above passage of Scripture St. Paul tells us that Mount Sinai is NOT located in the Sinai Peninsula (so named because the early church followed some tradition instead of the Bible). Rather, Mount Sinai is located in Saudi Arabia!

Several years ago I listened to a report of some gentleman who traveled to Saudi Arabia. They believed that St. Paul was more correct than Church tradition. Also they had heard of another gentleman who had seen Sinai in Arabia.

When these explorers followed the Scripture trail, they photographed the undersea land bridge (a few feet below the surface of the sea) where God parted the waters. They found the oasis with bitter water. They discovered the rock that God split, where water poured forth that the people might drink.

Local Saudis directed these explorers to the mountain of God. The Saudis call it Jabal al Lawz. I was very interested in the explorer's photo of the Mountain because it was black on top. The Bible says that the smoke and fire of God rested on the Mountain. These men reported that they had climbed the mountain and brought back a piece of blackened rock for analysis. They were told the sample rock had been heated by some very unusual process not seen before.

I recommend you Google this information. You are going to see web sites that are both for and against Jabal al Lawz as the true Mt. Sinai. I have to admit there has been a lot of "believe it or not" theatrics associated with this Mountain. But, nevertheless there is much positive information supporting Jabal al Lawz as the real Mt. Sinai. I cast my vote for Jabal al Lawz, even though the traditionalists reject it. The traditional Mt. Sinai does not have enough room below it for two million people to camp out spaciously, and that site is not remote enough from the long arm of Pharaoh. Jabal al Lawz has artifacts and archeological sites associated with it that are too closely linked to the Exodus to set aside.

If you place the following phrase, with quotes, just as I have printed them below, in your Google search box you will come up with quite a few pros and cons, along with facts and pictures:

"real mt. sinai"

Since the Mountain was black on top, I was wondering if I could pick it out in satellite photographs. Exploration near the mountain had been halted, and the mountain made totally "off limits." Available land-based pictures were few. I knew that I could trust photos from space far more than snapshots emblazoned on someone's dramatic "believe it or not" private web site. U.S. Government satellites have no political or religious agenda. They just take pictures of the Earth.

However, I had a major problem to solve. Not being a geographic expert, and not having access to a good university library, and because free, detailed maps of Saudi Arabia are difficult to come by, I could not for a time find exact latitude and longitude parameters of this mountain. Without that information anything I saw in a satellite photograph could not be verified as the mountain in question.

Nevertheless, I kept seeing this black dot on photograph after photograph taken from space. That dot was always in the general vicinity of where the explorers said they found the real Mount Sinai.Then the Lord helped me to stumble upon a mountain climber's web site listing the geographic coordinates of several peaks in the Middle East. To my surprise Jabal al Laws was included. Later I found out that those coordinates were just a bit off, but still it gave me what I needed to get close enough to validate what I had seen from satellites, and to obtain better coordinates for the mountain.

I went to Google and downloaded their 3D Satellite photo software and plugged in the coordinates.

I wish I could show you what appeared on my computer screen! It proved to me that the black dot I saw from space was indeed the blackened top of Jabal al Lawz!! But you can do this for yourself, since I cannot print a copyrighted Google graphic on this page. But you can do what I did and go see for yourself. Here are the coordinates of the Real Mt. Sinai:

28° 39' 18.7626 North
35° 18' 15.9732 East

Below are some of the satellite photos of Mt. Sinai. To locate the mountain you can use the photo with the red circle surrounding the blackened top of the mountain to help you pin point the mountain in the other space photos. You can click on each one to see more land mass from which I cropped out the close up of Sinai.

These images are Courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC

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