Something's UP with TIME!

December 15, 1999, re-worked October 21, 2005

God's Word fact Jesus said, "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." [Matthew 24:22]

When I was a child each day was a small eternity. I remember I would even become weary before the day was through and had to take a nap. Then I would arise refreshed as the day went on for more and more time.

As a child I measured time from one Christmas to the next. That span was an eon of foreverness!

As we mature, our perception of time shortens.

But, try and find a child today who experiences time in the manner that I did, and as many of you, who read this, experienced it. Just try! You will probably not find such a matter how far you search. I hear children, little children, remarking to their parents and others, "Time goes so fast!"

And for myself time has become a wild ride on a careening NASCAR, tires screeching, back wheels fish-tailing, gravity forces jostling me, the world going by my tiny windshield in a blur!

Now, let me tell you a theory about that Scripture I quoted from the lips of Jesus. I once believed that Passage only meant that in the last days God was going to remove some days from history to spare those who must endure the Tribulation times. I still believe that is the case. But I believe that Scripture means even more.

I have come to understand that God does not live in time. Time exists in HIM!!! He is the author of time. He made it, invented it, manufactured it, first thought it up.

And, I'm beginning to believe that God knows an inner adjustment control in the time mechanism that is not known to us. I believe that HE is adjusting that fine tuning control so that time moves faster....I believe that He has adjusted that inner mechanism of time so that every clock, every neutron coming out of the Cesium clock at the National Bureau of Standards, every planet and star and every part of the Universe cannot sense that anything much has changed. I believe that only our spirits, and maybe the mind, to some small degree, can tell that something is not as it was.

I believe the Lord God Almighty has "shortened the time" in more ways than just one! And I believe HE has done this to save our eternal souls. I believe that without this adjustment Satan and his wicked hoards would gain the upper hand so totally that all would be lost.

I believe that God confused the languages at the Tower of Babel for a similar reason. Satan had gotten those City of Babel folks under his power. He was going to destroy mankind before Jesus could even arrive on planet Earth to die for our sins. God Almighty saw through it all, and adjusted human language to put Satan's little plot into slow motion.

And now the Lord may be speeding up time to make it just hard enough for evil so that some will be saved and all will not be lost.

This is just a theory of mine....but I feel that something is up with time...and it is more than meets the eye!