The Secret of Jesus' Robes

A Christian Psychiatrist, John White, wrote a fantasy series entitled The Archives of Anthropos. In that series Dr. White brings out some wonderful secrets concerning our faith. Because he creates a whole new universe in which to play out the story, Jesus Christ is known in that place as Gaal. The reader soon recognizes our wonderful Lord, as HE walks the dusty roads of that far away universe.

I will never forget the miraculous robes that Jesus wore in Anthropos. When the Lord came to the aid of a child in desperate straits, taking her up in HIS mighty arms, the child felt guilt about staining HIS lovely robes with the filth that covered her own wretched garments. When Jesus sets the frightened child down in a safe place, after saving her from death, she quickly looks to see just how badly she has stained HIS robe. To her amazement not a speck of the slimy mire can be seen on HIS robe at all! While HE held her close, HIS robe radiated the odor of a Cedar forest.

Several times in the plot the wonderful robes of the Master show themselves to be infinitely purifying. No matter what kind of corruption tries to adhere to the Master's robes, it is consumed. The purity of Jesus Christ is beyond the reach of all evil, all sin, all dirt, all wickedness. The price that HE has paid is so full, so complete, so final that all evil and all filth are consumed when they touch HIS sacred robe of righteousness!

"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." [1st Peter 5:7]

One day the Holy Spirit brought this story John White penned back to my mind, as I was contemplating the Scripture above. I had not comprehended the fullness of what the Holy Spirit had inspired Peter to write in that verse. The Holy Spirit, seeing my shallow understanding, re-played the scene I've described on the screen of my heart.

Then God modified the scene from the book. I saw My precious Lord wearing those pure white robes. And HE had turned HIS back a bit toward me. HIS smiling face was looking back my way. Also, HE had bent HIS back in such a way as to make it ready to receive the weight of something thrown upon it. HE was nodding and motioning for me to throw my filthy doubt upon HIS royal robes. It seemed like a terrible thing to do. Why would I want to stain that beautiful robe with my dirty doubt, or my fears or my worries and problems. To me it seemed like a sin to throw mud at Jesus, to shoot HIM in the back with my problems. The verse Peter was inspired to write said, "Casting all your care upon HIM..." In the King James "care" means anxiety, worry, concern, troubles, even sins...negative things.

But HE kept motioning for me to fling my problem upon HIM. And so finally, at HIS insistence, I lightly cast some doubt HIS way. That dirt ball of mud went sailing toward my Master. I felt awful to be doing something so despicable to the ONE I loved. But when that noxious doubt got within a quarter inch of HIS righteous robe it was consumed in a flash of fiery light. An explosion of laughter escaped from the Master's lips as HE beckoned me to cast more of my "care" HIS way. HIS smile grew bigger and more radiant. What seemed like an insult blessed HIM. And so I cast some unbelief that had been troubling me. I cast it in a softball slow pitch, aiming for it to light upon HIS back. A blinding explosion of light consumed the unbelief, forever. My Master laughed and laughed with a joy I cannot explain.

Each day in prayer I cast my cares upon HIM. I throw my fear of dying, my fear of missing Heaven, my wrong desires, my anger, my failures, ...all my troubles, anything that stresses me, worries me. The Master and I have such fun watching the fire works. On Calvary it cost HIM everything to make this all possible. But now it is a joy to HIM to see me set free from any heavy weight of darkness.

In the past I had always believed that any cares that I should cast HIS way would become a crushing weight upon HIS shoulders. I felt terrible when I failed and had to add to the weight that HE carried about. Now I understand that my cares can only weigh HIM down when I carry them. It hurts my Jesus when HE sees me or you crushed under depression, addictions, sickness, pain, unbelief, loneliness, fear, lust, greed, jealously, laziness, gluttony, you name it! But when we cast them upon HIS back those vile things are consumed, eradicated, erased, exhausted and annihilated in a flash of holy fire!! Bless God forevermore!

Each time you pray quote this Scripture and then take time to cast all your cares upon HIM, for HE cares for you. It is as easy as speaking. "Lord, I cast my unbelief on YOU right now! Here's my envy, my depression. Here, I cast my fear upon YOU. That bad thought I throw it upon YOUR holy robes right now, in Jesus Name!"

This is a daily process that needs to take place every 24 hours, at the very least. This is not something you do one time, any more than one bath can hold you for a week. No! We need to cast our problems onto Jesus' robes every day of our lives. It is part of the cleansing process that HE has made possible for us.

Make HIS day by taking those loads off your back forever and letting HIM consume them. Believe me, you too can help create some holy fire works if you obey First Peter Five, verse Seven.

"Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." [1st Peter 5:7]

clint, July 4th, 2005 (updated October 19, 2005)