You Are NOT Alone Christian!

April 24, 2002, re-edited December 4, 2005

As I was seeking the Lord today I found myself feeling kind of alone. Oh how I desired for the Lord's presence to come into the room in great strength as HE has from time to time. It is so wonderful to feel HIM slip into the room and to find that my human body reacts to his glory. Sometimes I become drunk in the Spirit or I may not be able to stand, or I might feel the infinite weight of HIS presence upon me.

But, such experiences happen so seldom. And, it seemed that I longed for such a thing today....but, I felt nothing....I just prayed and sought the Lord.

So, I began to tell HIM about my desire. "Lord," I said, "is it asking too much just to have you come in some manner and visit with me today? Am I asking too much??"

I meant my question in all respect and simply wondered if I was out of order in longing for a visitation from on High.

Suddenly the Lord spoke. HE revealed to me that HE was more present in my room than I was present in my room. HE brought back to my mind that HE sees all and knows all in such a personal way that HE views it not from afar but up close and very personal.

I thought about how I must have broken HIS heart so many times when I sinned and HE had to see that ugliness up close and personal. How sickening for HIM! How uncaring and selfish of me to sin right before HIM!

But, then it was revealed to me that because of these truths, truths that I knew full well, that HE was indeed visiting me right at that very moment! I wasn't asking too much because HE was already right in the room...not only was HE in my heart, but HE was right in the room, in all of HIS glory!!

But, why wasn't I feeling anything??? And then HE revealed that this is one of HIS greatest miracles. Our God, who is absolutely, totally infinite....I mean a million, billion, zillion volts of electricity isn't big enough to quantify HIS power! A trillion atomic explosions, all going off, are not enough to compare to HIS awesome energy and power.

Our God is so awesomely powerful that HE can come into the room and visit me and so shield and cloak HIS multi-mega-zillion energy powers that I am not consumed....and, in fact I can't even feel a thing! It feels like nobody is here but me, myself and I. But in reality the Almighty ONE is present, totally present...but cloaked, shielded!

We humans can't do that very well. Walk under a 500 kilovolt high tension power line and you can hear the hum of the energy. Walk into a power plant and you can hear the hum of the energy. Get close to a big earth moving machine and you can hear the roar of the engine and feel the heat of the exhaust. But God is so far beyond all of that. He knows how to so control HIS power that there is nothing wasted, no noise, no hum, no heat, no nothing. Or, HE can split the rocks and cause fire to come down from Heaven. HE can do whatever HE wants, and still be totally on the scene, more invisible than air!

Sometimes HE splits a tiny crack in the veil and allows a single atom of HIS glory to shine out and I am overtaken by a physical manifestation of HIS awesome power. But, the greater miracle is that HE can be right in the room and in my heart and I can feel no special divine quivering or Holy Ghost intoxication. I am never alone. HE is there...and if I live in HIM, HE is not only with me...but HE IS IN me!

What A Mighty God We Serve!