Hurricane Katrina Could Be Our Own Fault!

   Heads Toward Land
This photo was taken at 7 P.M. CDT. Katrina was 130 miles South of the mouth of the Mississippi River moving NNW at 11 miles per hour. Maximum winds at that time were 160 MPH. The central pressure was 904 millibars. Katrina had become a category 5 hurricane. This Katrina satellite photo was released by OSEI (Operational Significant Event Imager), part of the National Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). Photo: TRCkatrina240_N5.jpg

"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." [Proverbs 14:34] --------------- "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?" [1st Peter 4:17]

To some people my friend, Brother Freedom, is just an old diesel mechanic and "cat skinner." It is true that he started operating and fixing those big dozers in the 1940s. But I have found something far more interesting about Brother Freedom. He has spent years seeking God. He and the Lord God have a relationship that is seldom seen in our day. Brother Freedom hasn't made it into the "way-cool" social registry. He doesn't pastor a twenty-five thousand member super church and write books that fly off the shelves of Christian book stores. Brother Freedom is simply a "certified messenger of God." He isn't certified by men...but he carries a seal from God that any true saint will spot, if they have an ounce of discernment.

After years of observing Brother Freedom I'm convinced that he's for real. I can't think of any of the "big name" Christian personalities that are used by God in the way that Brother Freedom is used. Almost every day of the week Freedom is alone with God hearing pages and pages of commentary from the Holy Spirit. There have been many wonders that I've seen God do through Brother Freedom. I've selected some miracles of foreknowledge that God has shared with Freedom, before I share a sound byte where my friend speaks of a foreknowledge concerning Hurricane Katrina.

Four days before those evil men triggered that horrendous blast in a "rental truck" in 1996, Brother Freedom begged me to join him in prayer. God had shown him a vision of people dying in an explosion that would happen by the following Wednesday. God did not reveal to Freedom where the explosion was to take place. But God had shown him many lives being taken. God had asked Freedom to pray that people would be spared. Freedom did pray. And instead of thousands dying, less than 200 lost their lives. Newscasters said that the timing of the blast saved many lives. I must admit that I didn't pray much, as Brother Freedom had asked. In those days I didn't realize just how uniquely God used Brother Freedom.

Another time Brother Freedom asked me to pray for a very upstanding and important Christian gentleman in our community. Freedom said, "Something terrible is about to happening to _________. Judgment is about to fall upon him." That man was very highly esteemed in our city. He was the founder of a church. He was the leader of two inter-church prayer ministries. What could possibly be wrong with that Christian gentleman?? He was such an example of one involved in many ministries. But God knows everything! Within weeks that respected Grandfather was arrested, convicted and sent to San Quentin prison. He died in the penitentiary. God told Brother Freedom what was up. Freedom prayed for that man's soul. The man got his life straightened out in a prison cell. We trust he entered Heaven.

Two months before the recent war in Iraq began, Brother Freedom leaned over at Saturday breakfast and told me what the Holy Spirit had told him about the coming war. The Spirit of God said that Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction, that Saddam Hussein was a man full of pride. The Spirit said that Suddam would never bow to the United Nations. The Holy Spirit told Freedom that the coming war was a mistake, and that it would cost our country dearly in lives and resources. I must say that I thought Freedom had missed it that time. But, now, many months later I see that truly Freedom heard from God. The Spirit of God is always correct!

Brother Freedom and I finished our breakfasts at a local restaurant one Saturday morning. We had met with some other Christian men. One of those men was an associate pastor in our area. The pastor seemed to be doing just fine to me. But Brother Freedom was concerned. He told me that the man was very upset and that something serious was up. I couldn't imagine that such a happy looking fellow was in any upheaval, and that a shocking event was around the corner. But Brother Freedom wasn't looking at the man's face. Brother Freedom was listening to the Holy Spirit of God Almighty. Sure enough within two weeks the associate pastor had a major difference with his co-pastor and they parted company after 20 years of association. Brother Freedom had heard correctly from the Lord again. God tells him these things that he might pray for the people involved.

Now I want to tell you a bit about what the Lord shared 12 hours before Katrina hit. God used Brother Freedom to warn a small group of believers about the coming event. Below you will be able to hear a sound byte from that meeting.

The Sunday afternoon before Hurricane Katrina struck the shores of the Gulf Coast, Brother Freedom was sharing in a home meeting. The power of God was upon him. Many wonderful things came forth that day. Included were some shocking revelations about the impact of Hurricane Katrina which the Holy Spirit had told HIS servant.

Katrina began as a "tropical depression" coming off the West coast of Africa. Meteorologists tracked it, as it gained some strength and then declined into just another little storm. Then just before it approached Florida it morphed into hurricane mode. After it crossed over Florida, killing several people, it suddenly un-cloaked, revealing the fourth largest hurricane ever recorded! It grew to be 415 miles in diameter, twice the size of many hurricanes that threaten the U.S.A. NOAA Storm Hunter aircraft measured winds reaching 184 miles per hour at flying altitude. Katrina has to go down as one of the sneekiest and most powerful hurricanes. All of our technology didn't foretell that underneath that little "tropical depression" was hidden a weather weapon of Mass destruction!

Brother Freedom has been telling me for four or five months previous to Katrina that God had told him that something was on the way that was going to strongly and negatively impact the economy of the Nation. It certainly appears like Hurricane Katrina is that thing.

The Satellite photo at the top of this page was taken about the time that Brother Freedom was warning, we who were attending that meeting, that something horrible was up for the United States, if God did not intervene. It appears from the way things went that judgment has begun in the U.S.A. God has had enough of our spiritual rebellion and our pressure on HIS chosen people, Israel to divide the Holy Land. Click below and you can listen to that short sound byte.

God gave
Bro. Freedom the scoop on Katrina

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