A Glorious Promise from God

January 10, 2003 (re-edited September 14, 2005)

Many times God spoke through HIS men, HIS prophets. But yesterday I came across a prophecy, a glorious prophecy that God Himself prophesied to Moses.

It came at a time when the Lord God was deeply disappointed with HIS people. You know we break the Lord's heart so often. We are so faulty. It isn't just the children of Israel. It is us. It is you and it is me who have disappointed our wondrous God.

He brought His people all the way to the Promised Land. He did great miracles to get them there. But they looked at the natural conditions instead of the supernatural conditions of God. They decided it was impossible to take the Promised Land. They broke the Lord's heart. They would not trust HIM and rely upon HIM. But they wanted to rely on their own powers.

God decided to do away with them. But Moses became like Jesus has become for you and for Me. Moses interceded for those faulty people. Jesus intercedes for us today in the Throne Room of God. Jesus calls out the promises of God and the Goodness of God. Jesus and the Father look upon what we will be, if we get up and go forward again. Jesus has paid the terribly expensive price for our redemption. We are now worth something because Jesus has invested HIS blood in the likes of faulty people like you and like me.

God pardoned HIS people that day after Moses took up their case. But the beauty of that intercession brought forth the most lovely, hopeful, glorious prophecy directly from God Almighty. This is what Moses heard God Almighty say:

"But as truly as I live, ALL THE EARTH SHALL be filled with THE GLORY of the LORD." [Numbers 14:21]

The good news of this prophecy is that God is so glorious that even though HIS people utterly failed that day, even though Moses had to intercede that they would not be destroyed, even though it was a dark day of defeat as the 10 wrong spies gave a bad report and died of plague.....YET God is so glorious that God added a little footnote.

God can't lose. HE is so glorious that HE cannot lose. HE can only win! Our God is a winner and HIS glory is going to bring in a remnant. And HIS glory is going to fill this old earth TOTALLY one of these days. IT WILL HAPPEN! God has said it. It will come to pass. God shall defeat evil totally! Jesus will come and reign, and the earth will be a Garden of Eden for a thousand years of no sin, and total peace.

"God is so busy succeeding that HE can't fail. HE's so busy going over that HE can't go under." --Wendell Nance 1971

I declare that I want to remain on the Lord's side. I want nothing to do with Satan or sin. I want to be with the Lord when HE gets all the glory and all the praise from all the earth one wonderful day!