About Your Enemies

March 14, 2003, Re-edited June 22, 2005

Dear Fellow Believers:

As I have been reading through First and Second Kings and First and Second Chronicles I see something. It is a revelation to me:

When God's people were faithful, obedient and turning away from idols, their many enemies, even mighty enemies stayed away in droves!

But, when God's people were disobedient and unfaithful and into wrong things, their enemies, even puny enemies were marching into the Land to steal, pillage and destroy!

This must be one of God's built in spiritual indicators.

Beginning in the early 1990s, and finally getting our attention on "nine-eleven," the enemies of the United States of America (U.S.A.) have become emboldened. They have little fear of this Land. They have marched into the Land, even though they are weaker. They come to steal, kill and destroy!

If we were a spiritually aware people, we would know that the U.S.A. has slipped backwards deeper and deeper into paganism. We would know that we are in massive retreat from the Master of the Universe, God Almighty.

All of our citizens have not turned from God, but many "movers and shakers" in this Nation are doing what is evil in the sight of God. Also many in the ranks of "John Q. Public" are retreating further and further from God's guidelines.

The citizens in charge of newspapers, radio, television, motion pictures, literature, music, culture, politics and the court systems have, for the most part, bought into the philosophy of rebellion against God. They are busy promoting the cause of darkness and helping to pull many toward destruction.

We need to pray because all of our military might, our technology, our knowledge and our money cannot stop enemies that in past times were held back by the hand of God. We need to come out of the dream world that believes that our safety, for many decades, has to do with our military muscle and our brilliance!!! It is only the hand of God that has kept us, only the goodness of God!!

We, in the U.S.A., were stupid enough to think that we conquered Communism in Russia. We couldn't even see that it wasn't President Ronald Reagan who won the battle, nor even the U.S.A. in general!! It was, instead, the prayers of believers, especially Russian Christians, behind that Iron Curtain, that moved God. And the Lord God put HIS hand down and crushed Communism. But the U.S.A. took the credit. How presumptuous! How prideful! How wicked! How selfish! How unholy! God conquered Communism, not Uncle Sam.

Nine-eleven is a warning indicator, a flashing "idiot light" on our dashboard. It is warning that wrongness and rebellion are the "politically correct" working mode that this Nation is now firmly entrenched in. We're driving our national automobile down the freeway of time with no oil pressure!

Sinners and secularists and materialists (all names for the same thing) are totally blind to the spiritual repercussions of how a nation lives. They are like King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. They cannot even fathom for one second that they are sending their Country to the bottom of an ocean of hellish darkness. The secular, scientific mind has no module to visualize or to compute anything beyond the five senses. The puny tools of science are like a man measuring the distance from L.A. to New York with a pencil and a 12 inch ruler. Godly revelation knowledge is very far beyond man's contrived little sciences.

We need to pray for our neighbors, our friends, our Nation. Judgment will come...but if we pray it can be held back, until after the true believers have been evacuated by our God in the next Exodus, the "Twinkling of an Eye." [See 1st Corinthians 15:51-53]

In fact this is the Good News God gives us through these Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles. King Josiah appeared near the end of Judah's terrible spiral into judgment. Judgment was determined. Judgment was inevitable. God had already passed the sentence. But Josiah still pursued the greatest revival and reform and return to God that ever occurred up to that time in Israel. The Bible says that King Josiah was unlike any King before or after. Josiah was unique in his total effort to repent and return to the Lord of ALL, bringing his people back to God.

Even with this great revival, judgment was not withdrawn. But it was pushed off to another generation. And many came to God.

This is our only hope in the U.S.A. in this era. We are beyond the point where judgment can be removed from off God's calendar for this Nation. It is too late for that!

I remember as a young boy in the 1950s, sitting by the radio and later the TV and listening to Dr. Billy Graham warn the Nation that judgment would come if the U.S.A. did not repent. That was before we started wholesale slaughter of infants in the womb! We ignored the cries of a man of God that was sent by Heaven to warn us. Now we have gone many, many, many more miles down the road of rebellion. In my spirit I know it is too late to erase judgment now. In my Bible I see America. I can see her in the Book of Revelation...but only those with illuminated eyes can see it. It is too late to erase the judgment coming for America...but it is not too late to delay the judgment, if we pray, if we obey, if we repent, if we turn to God.

YES, we have gone beyond many nations in good deeds,....BUT we have also gone beyond many nations in killing 40 million babies, promoting violence and wrongful lusts, pushing recreational drug us, sucking money from poor countries by selling worthless entertainments at premium prices, living by a double standard, removing God and HIS Word from our public arena, and being filled with utter greed. Our good deeds can never cancel our evil deeds. But, if we pray and return to the Lord we may see the awful judgment pushed back, hopefully to a time beyond the Heavenly Exodus, so that many more can come to Jesus, and the church can go home, non-violently, to be with Jesus Christ and to celebrate the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

And so the "nine-eleven" "idiot light" goes on blinking upon the dashboard of a rebellious nation. That light says, "You will never stop the enemies from coming into your Country until you stop sin from coming into you."


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