You Got To Eat the Word!!

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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 (Revised August 25, 2005)

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

This morning I just kept playing a CD of a portion of the New Testament again and again and again, until the washer timer went off, and I had to tear myself away to throw clothes into the dryer. Yeah, I'm at home today doing tech support for my employer and my first call hasn't come in yet. So, I've been gorging on the Word of God. I listen to a Dramatized Version of the New Testament. It is exactly the same as any other Bible, accept that they've added different voices and sound effects to fit with the plot. It comes alive!

I used to take my Word of God like a bit of salt or pepper... seasoning for life. But, I got addicted. The more I eat, the more I want...and the more I want the more I eat.

Studying the Word of God is fine. I've done that for a lot of years. But staring at steaks and bon bons and mouth watering dishes for long periods can get real old, real fast. When I go to a restaurant I don't study the food for very long. I inhale it!!!

You've all heard the "Study to show thyself approved..." scripture, but have you heard the gorge yourself on the Word scripture???

Jesus is the living Word of God, John tells us, in Chapter 6 of John's Gospel, verses 50 to 58, that we need to eat His Flesh and drink His blood. Jesus is the Word of God morphed into a human being. Jesus is the Ten Commandments turned into a living, breathing person. Jesus is so much more than we can imagine. He is the Word that proceeds from the Father's mouth when the Father said, "Let there be light!"

Jesus is the manna of this age. And so when you pick up a Bible to read, or you turn on a Bible tape or CD to listen, you are coming near to a table of manna that you should gorge yourself on from Heaven...if you by faith can receive this truth.

Most of us approach the Bible as if it were some kind of Holy Encyclopedia or history book. It is so much more! When it is anointed by the Holy Ghost, Jesus is manefested in that place and a glorious banquet is arrayed before you. It is sooooo supernatural....sooooo awesome.

You have a choice. You can drop a bit on your life like salt or pepper, or you can take a shower in the Word of a feast; sit down to a full seven course meal. What do you want to do??? It's up to you.

But, I can say that the dramatized Bible has helped open this realm to me. Believe me, I find myself on the dusty roads of the Holy Land or in Rome with Paul, or in a jail with the disciples. I'm having high adventure in the Word of God.

Why should I hit the Christian book store to read some second hand account, some "hear-say" and pay $14.00 for a new book when I can spin up my CD's or open my Bible and get on the road with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Father.

Unlock your Bible....maybe a set of dramatized Bible tapes or CDs might help you???

Here's an address on the web where you can get a dramatized King James or New International. They are both excellent. The CD version will last you much longer and is well worth the investment.

Under Products, in the left hand bar of the web page I've linked to above, click on Bible Recordings . They sell so many different languages and versions. My favorite dramatized version is: N2KJV-CD