Late in 1972 or early 1973 I experienced an amazing dream. The clarity, vividness, and realism of it were incredible.

The dream began abruptly. I was in horizontal flight, like a plane, my arms as motionless, outstretched wings. Instead of flying through blue sky, I was aloft in deep space.

Looking all about, totally alone, there was no sun, moon, or planets, only distant stars, peppering the blackness in all directions. The top of my head was as the nose of my craft. I was not restrained in a suit or a helmet.

I ceased from my looking all about, my attention riveted downward. If I had been soaring above land I would would have been looking down at the ground.

My flight brought a wonder before my fixed gaze.

Perhaps five thousand feet below, a meandering river flowing on the backdrop of the stars came into view. The waters were internally illuminated with the most magnificent aqua blue lighting. They were pristine to say the least. The water was as pure and luxurious as I have ever seen!

The river's narrow width was constant. As I flew along above it, I watched the water intensely, following it with great amazement. It made many turns, back and forth, and yet the average of its twisting and turning was a line. If I had been looking at a map, the flow would have been due West.

It was a wonder in the darkness of space. It flowed upon an invisible river bed set against the distant starry hosts.

After following this wonderful river for some time I was transfixed as the waters cascaded over a narrow waterfall, dropping maybe 500 feet. The beauty of the falls was extraordinary.

The base of the fall fed a long, somewhat wider lake. But to my surprise the lake was grossly polluted. I couldn't figure out how such clean and clear water could cascade to form a brackish slough. As I flew lower to see, I noticed that the lake had oil and tar slicks floating on it. The odor was foul. The water was a revolting green. The scene was repulsive.

Still I persisted in moving downstream, following the polluted lake as it too slowly flowed in the same direction the river had.

The lake was abruptly terminated by a cement dam. The northern end of the dam had a 50 foot wide spill way full of rumbling waters, coursing over the top of the dam. The waters shot out of the spill way forming another spectacular waterfall.

To my greater surprise, out of the base of this waterfall, the river resumed its perfect, pure and pristine form!

How could this be? How could a slimy lake produce a pristine flow of internally illuminated water??

Circling back to see exactly where the water changed from polluted to pure, I noticed that the awful green water became a lovely blue in the center of the spill way, just prior to going over the waterfall. I could see something in the spill way at the point of change.

I swooped down lower to see this wonder. As I came within 500 feet I saw that there was something fastened in the water at the point of purification. I flew still lower, and as I did I saw that the object in the water was suspended by ropes or chains. The waters were extremely turbulent, and the object was being alternately submerged and then uncovered by the flood.

Still lower I flew as my curiosity grew. It was then that the shocking reality was revealed. A person was suspended, on their back, in the sewer-like discharge of the lake. Whoever was in the channel was roped to four points, totally helpless. Each wrist, and ankle was drawn out by a taunt rope to the edge of the spill way! The arms, legs and extended rope formed an "X." This tortured victim could not even attempt to swim. That life was totally at the mercy of the churning waters. The writhing body would be drawn under by the roaring tumult and then somehow up again to gasp, choke and down under again.

Somehow the person's body was cleansing the filthy waters. Still lower I descended. At about 50 feet above the roaring cataract I arrived just as the helpless wretch came up gasping and choking for life. His body was covered with the sludge and filth of the lake. Every bit of loathsome material was drawn to his body like steel to a magnet. As he came up, I saw his beard tangled with foul matter, the face was turned my way. The agony on that face is impossible to describe!

It was as if I was drawn down to look face to face for a second with the man. In that second I KNEW him... He was Jesus Christ, the Son of The Most High!!

I sat straight up in bed, wide awake. As I did, a passage of Holy Scripture from the book of Isaiah played out: "...and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity [the sins] of us all." (Isaiah 53:6)

I have attempted to relate this dream as accurately as possible, as it was given, while I slept, in the normal unconsciousness of a regular night's sleep. --clint

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