Is America Babylon??

A friend of mine emailed me about a post I sent him in which something caught his attention. In that email I had mentioned how two prophetic people had come to me, independently, on the same weekend in 2001, without knowing about each other. Both told me that God had revealed to them that the United States of America is Babylon spoken about in Revelation 17 through 19:4. I had commented about this in my email to my friend. Here's his question:

"Interesting thought. However, is New York City situated on seven hills like the Book of Revelation says that 'Babylon' is situated on? If not, then was '9-11' a precursor of things to come?"

His question was such a good question that I thought I would expand on my answer to him.

You can be sure that right after these two prophetic people spoke that word to me I jumped into the Book of Revelation and began to read and re-read and re-read again Revelation 17, 18 and 19. I began to seek the Lord for guidance. I needed the Holy Spirit to open those Scriptures to me. What the two saints had said hit me hard. The U.S.A. is the most wonderful missionary sending Nation. It has done much good. How could my Country be that wicked thing that will be destroyed during the Tribulation period??

It is very important that we do not interpret the Bible primarily by common sense. Those who use only human logic to understand the Bible can be shipwrecked in false doctrines. Only the Spirit of God can cause the Bible to be opened, to be fully and clearly understood. I'm going to try and put into human understanding what has been revealed to me. But, the book of Revelation is beyond human logic. It is based on a higher logic of God Almighty, which is too gigantic for our tiny minds. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you. Otherwise my explanation will be useless.

Remember Babylon is not simply called Babylon in the Book of Revelation. Revelation calls it: "Mystery Babylon, The Great, The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth." This very long title tells us that we are dealing with something much broader than simply the old municipality of Babylon, or the City of Rome that sets on seven hills, or the City of New York, or even just the U.S.A. We are dealing with a MYSTERY, an entity of darkness, something in the spirit realm.

The City of Rome is just one of Mystery Babylon's many faces. And, Rome does have seven hills, as the Book of Revelation mentions, calling them seven mountains in the King James Version. [See Revelation 17:9] Babylon was one of Satan's greatest plans. It has partially succeeded. But if it had fully succeeded we would all be lost!

Babylon began with the Tower of Babel, the very spot where the City of Babylon was built, in what is now Iraq. God intervened during the construction of that tower and crippled Satan's plan. God broke the unity of darkness by confusing their language. If the Lord had not done something, the Mystery of Evil would have come to full fruit long before Jesus could ever get to earth to pay the price for our sins. God applied a strong set of brakes to put Satan's plan into slow motion.

Remember the Lord God said, as he looked down at the construction of the Tower, that those people had such agreement that they could do ANYTHING. [Genesis 11:6] Having a single language helped them to come into unity. Even when God confused their language into many different languages, as a slowing brake, Babylon still became a center of astrology and spiritual darkness.

The original City of Babylon was eventually destroyed for it's sinfulness. But, "Mystery Babylon," or The Mystery as some might call it, eventually gravitated to the City of Rome. Interestingly, Rome also became not only the capital of an empire, but it also turned out to be the second capital of Christianity. This is because Jerusalem, the first center of Christianity, was destroyed in 70 A.D., and Peter, a prominent disciple of Jesus Christ, as well as other important church leaders ended up in Rome.

The believers in Rome used the word "Babylon" as a code word in their letters for two reasons. [See 1st Peter 5:13] First it encrypted their return address. Their Roman persecutors would not get the connection between Babylon and Rome should a letter fall into wrong hands. Secondly, I believe that in their hearts the Christians in Rome knew that Rome had come under the influence of the same wicked spiritual force that Babylon had entertained.

In Rome Christianity became distorted and twisted. By 300 A.D. the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) had been pretty much grieved out of the Church. Church leaders decided that professional clerics or clergyman, specifically priests, would get everyone to Heaven. The people would just ride in the church-gondola with one man pushing the gondola along, like people ride through the canals in Venice, Italy. The priests would be the gondoliers, pushing the people to Heaven. But, that was not God's way...that was the Mystery of Babylon twisting and perverting the visible church. Truly it was in Rome that the Dark Ages began. The Dark Ages were spiritually dark times that lasted about a thousand years. It was a period when the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's governance of the Church was removed and forgotten. The Holy Spirit was made into a figurehead. Men took over the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ.

In Rome the idea of law and order was incubated in a unique way. The ideas of citizenship, government by law with executive, legislative and judicial processes bloomed in Rome. These ideas came to us indirectly from Rome. These concepts may even have provided a vehicle for the spirit of Babylon to migrate. These governmental concepts worked in a certain way and were passed on. As a result we see these ideas showing up in England (a Roman colony) and then passed on to the United States of America (an English colony).

These government ideas were NOT evil in themselves. They make society more stable. But, these governing ideas did perhaps become a conduit through which the "MYSTERY" traveled across time and geography to the New World. The important thing is that the Mystery, the Abomination of Babylon, traveled eventually to America.

The City of Rome faded from center stage. Caesar Constantine moved the capital of the Empire off to what is now Istanbul in Turkey. The Mystery flowed to "merry old England" and on to the "good old U.S.A." possibly through the pipeline of Rome's style of government.

How could a style of government be a part of a spiritual condition? I believe that government and legal leaders are targets for the working of dark powers because these leaders have a strong influence on society.

That Mystery of Babylon is what lives in the USA court system and legislative systems and even invaded the Office of the President, strongly, during the Clinton years. Christians really notice the powers of darkness in the court system. We find our nation saturated with judges that do not believe in absolute truth, or absolute right and wrong. They reject the Bible. They are often anti-God and anti-Christ. They are often enemies of the Gospel.

That is just part of the Mystery of Abomination! It has come to the U.S.A. It has invaded every nook and cranny that would allow it in. It is not just in our governing and political systems, but also very entrenched in the public education system. That is amazing because most citizens of the USA don't know that public elementary and secondary education has its roots in the Christian Sunday School, believe it or not! But that is another story.

The Mystery of Abomination has invaded USA Society and life as a whole. The Mystery is what is behind the cultural war in the United States between those who support the Judeao-Christian perspective and those who seek the ethic of whatever is right in each individual's own eyes. Even some of the churches, we find, are not exempt from the invasion of Mystery Babylon.

Revelation 17:6 points out that the Mystery is drunk on the blood of Christian martyrs. When the Mystery controlled Rome it caused many Christians to be thrown to the lions. Today the Mystery is fed not only by the murder of Christians in various parts of the World, but also by the murder of infants in the U.S.A. The infants belong to God because they are all innocent. They are a kind of martyr. God's little babes are being murdered by the working of the Mystery.

Revelation 18:3-16 tells us that the ENTIRE Globe has been touched by the "delicacies", or luxuries of the Mystery. It says that merchants all over the entire earth have become rich selling the Mystery's wares.

When did Rome or Babylon ever sell billions and billions in merchandise all over the entire world?? When did Rome or Babylon make business men and ship captains and exporters and importers and air freight and container shipping lines rich?? Babylon and Rome never did the kind of business or the volume of business that the Book of Revelation portrays, and they probably never will because another has totally surpassed them! There is a Nation that has flooded the World with it's culture, it's clothes, it's materialism, it's movies, it's liquor, it's drugs, it's pornography, it's violence, it's decadence! That Nation has sucked much cash out of the banks of the whole World by selling the nations many expensive and non-essential services and products, that pull people into wrong thoughts and wrong activities!

Liberty is a wonderful thing, for righteous people. But to give liberty to a sinful people is to open the doors to Hell. Righteous Americans have used their liberty to send forth the Gospel. Unrighteous Americans have used their liberty to send forth that which is an abomination to God.

The Mystery of Abomination traveled to America in order to gain the liberty that would allow it to export the merchandise of idolatry. That merchandise includes: violence, greed, drugs, perversions, materialism, witchcraft, pride and death to the children.

Even our Statue of Liberty has come to stand for "civil liberties." "Civil liberties" are too often the liberty to live unholy and wickedly, the liberty to kill your unborn child, the liberty to have a doctor end your life. In the U.S.A. liberty means, that in many places dark and evil things are done legally, freely and openly.

Remember, too, that the Statue of Liberty is a richly dressed woman. It is interesting to note that the French artist who designed the Statue of Liberty used his illicit mistress as a model for "lady liberty." A harlot was the model for Lady Liberty!!!

The woman in the Book of Revelation [Revelation 17:1], "...the great whore that sitteth upon many waters..." is also a very well dressed harlot. The Statue of Liberty sits in New York Harbor connected to every ocean of the World. That not only means peoples and tribes and nations...but it can literally mean the waters, the oceans of the world! The U.S.A. is one of only a very few Nations that has massive coast lines on multiple oceans. Our coastline touches the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic oceans. California alone has over 1100 miles of coast line even though the state is only about 500 miles from North to South!

Most Americans do not know that there was quite an uproar in America over the Statue of Liberty. Yes, it was a gift from France. But Americans had to cough up 50 percent of the expenses. And many religious people adamantly opposed the erection of what they saw as a huge pagan idol. The Statue was not well received by many Americans at first. It became well received later, when immigrants identified with it as they came past it in ships. The immigrants came in such numbers that the statue was transformed in the eyes of new comers as a symbol of liberty.

The Statue of Liberty may be the marquee, or even a huge pointer that highlights, for Bible students, who the harlot that sits on many waters truly is!! Remember, New York Harbor is NOT cut off from the World. The waters around the Statue connect to every ocean!!! The Statue of Liberty could be a sign to believers, reading the Book of Revelation, of who the Mystery of Babylon represents in these times.

Revelation describes this woman, the Mystery, as the mass marketer of evil wares to the earth, enriching untold numbers of foreign business men, importers, exporters and shipping moguls.

No nation, no entity, not even Babylon of old, or Rome fits the Bible description of "the mass merchandiser of darkness!!!" There is only one entity in all of the history of mankind that has sold so many wicked products to the entire globe. There is only one entity that has made thousands, perhaps millions of foreign businessman rich. That's the United States of America.

The U.S.A. is the greatest merchandiser of drugs, liquor, X-rated movies, abortion, witchcraft, Internet pornography, perversions, materialism, violence, pride and greed. The U.S.A. surpasses all others, and not by just a little. The U.S.A. is so far out in front of every other nation in all human history in selling evil wares that Sodom and Gommorah look like Sunday School in comparison!

In Revelation The Mystery is referred to as a "city." [Rev. 17:18] And I believe that not only does this refer to the City of Babylon and the City of Rome, but I believe it refers to the the "crown jewel" City of the U.S.A's business and merchandising world empire.

The 9-11 Terrorists reminded us that the biggest diamond in the American business success story is New York City. That City isn't called "The Big Apple" for nothing! The United Nations makes it's headquarters in that City making New York also "...that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth." [Rev. 17:18] The Statue of Liberty and the City of New York itself have great symbolism to many peoples, tribes and nations! And after reading Revelation we Christians should begin to see that the U.S.A. and New York have been invaded by Mystery Babylon.

We Americans are barely able to even see this awful truth. We just can't grasp it because this Nation is so close to our hearts. We can hardly see the evil in the whole forest for the goodly trees right in front of our faces. All of America's good deeds are before us.

The good in our land covers and hides the awful other stuff that goes on deep within our culture: runaways being abducted in big-City Greyhound stations, kidnaped, taken across state lines and forced to do things too horrible for me to write of here.

Look how the WWF T.V. wrestling shows, which go back half a century on Television, have become so perverted, so full of adultery, and allurement, hatred and violence. The world eats it up!

When the witches in Africa couldn't find a strong enough witch to curse Evangelist Rhinehart Bonnke they got on the phone and called for the most powerful witch they knew of. That witch resides in the U.S.A. And that witch traveled to Nigeria to attempt to curse Bonnke.

If the U.S.A.'s porn industry filed a tax return we would see that it grosses billions and billions of dollars annually! The whole world lines up to drink from the cup of abominations via the Internet as our Nation pumps the liquor of darkness around the world. It is so bad that China has had to block many American Internet sites to keep from having it's people polluted and their nation robbed by credit card sales of porn!

Large and influential database companies privately aid the porno industry so that it can use credit cards over the Internet. The business is so lucrative that big, famous companies help out, asking that their names not come up. Porno is big money.

Abortion is another one of the big money makers. Money drives it. The abortionists are greedy for more and more money. One past U.S. President and his wife worked very hard to make abortion the answer for over population in the third world. They exported death to infants in the womb as America's solution to over population in third world countries. They traveled the world to conferences to extol abortion as the answer to starvation and food shortages.

If the woman of Revelation 17 has some connection to the U.S.A., what does Revelation tell us about her??

The Book of Revelation indicates that the Anti-Christ, or Beast finds himself being ridden by this beautiful harlot, the Mystery. It is not a pleasant experience for him. It cramps the Beast's style. He is like a bucking bronco with a powerful rider sitting heavily upon his back, attempting to resist his ways.

The Beast, hates to have anyone or anything reining him in. He wants to have his free will. He wants to be in control. Remember, the Beast is the coming World Dictator who will control the whole planet.

Revelation says the Beast strips the Mystery, burns her and eats her flesh...she is destroyed in one day. [Rev. 17:16 and 18:8]

Right now the U.S.A. rides many nations. If our interests are suffering nations hear about it. We have ways of bringing pressure. And the Anti-Christ will find that the U.S.A. will be riding upon him.

Watch out! We are riding strongly upon the European Union today. We used all of our powers to try and get them to join us in putting an end to Saddam. But, they bought oil from Saddam. They benefited from him. And they are not lovers of Israel. They don't like us pushing them. Did you know that the European Union is the very group from which the Beast or Anti-Christ will arise??

I believe that this woman riding upon the Beast means that the U.S.A. will not fully cooperate with the Anti-Christ. Americans are rugged individualists and a very proud people. They will not submit to being ruled by a world dictator. I personally believe that the Beast will surprise the U.S.A. by causing America's destruction. Or, perhaps some meteor or terrible plague from Heaven will fall. But, somehow judgment will come, destroying that powerful entity that has taken on the mantle of Babylon!

After getting rid of The Harlot of Babylon, the Beast will be free to move his throne to Jerusalem and try to become messiah to the Jews. There will be no more America to be Israel's friend.

Babylon, the old plan of Satan begun at the Tower of Babel, will have completed it's time of pre-eminence. Think of it as Satan's Old Testament. God will judge Babylon severely and this will move it out of the way for the Beast to take center stage. Satan will have a new plan, a son....the Anti-Christ (or Beast), a new and more wicked plan. Think of the Anti-Christ plan as Satan's New Testament. Satan does many things that are dark and evil parallels with the glorious ways of God.

The Beast will be judged and removed by God. These events I'm speaking of take place in the Tribulation period, the time of the world's greatest sorrows.

The reason this truth is so important to American believers is that IF America and New York have been invaded by the Mystery of well as America being the greatest Christian Nation of all time...then, after the "Twinkling of an eye" departure [See 1st Cor. 15:52] and the removal of the true church then the Mystery of Babylon will be THE ONLY major spiritual force that is left in America. And Babylon may well be quickly judged.

I'm concerned that early in the Tribulation, America is going to be destroyed as we know it. One reason I believe this to be true is because when Revelation tells us that Russia and the Arab nations swoop down on Israel that God Himself comes to the aid of Israel. God rains fire and brimstone on those invaders. There is no America on the scene to save Israel as there is today. Today America is about the only strong friend Israel has. Sad to say, America is becoming a less true friend to Israel as time goes on. If America is judged, destroyed and removed from the world scene, then God Himself will have to come to Israel's aid.

I believe that millions of Americans may have to die in some awful judgment scenario. Perhaps a comet or the Wormwood meteor will do the work [Rev. 8:11]. Maybe the Beast will nuke America. But, America is not going to be on the scene at the end of the Tribulation period as it is on the scene today!

The United States may well be annihilated early in the Tribulation. That is why in Revelation 18:4 God calls to HIS people who live in Babylon to come out of her and to escape so that they will not partake of her sins or her plagues. Do you know where most Jewish people live other than Israel? It isn't in Rome, or the old city of Babylon. It is in America that millions of Jews are living today! The Western Jews have not returned to Israel as the Northern, Eastern and Southern Jews have. Something is going to trigger the return to Israel of millions of American Jews. Right now they are very comfortable here. But things are going to change. Jews are going to wake up one day and say, "We've got to move to Israel. America is not safe anymore. We've got to leave!"

America has one of the largest Jewish populations in the entire World. I believe that all Jews should immigrate to Israel to spare their lives. For when God takes His church out, all that will be left here are carnal Christians and pagans! Jews need to get to Israel where there will be safety. Those who remain here will probably lose their lives.

I believe that the "Twinkling of an eye" departure of the Saints from America is an absolute necessity for their safety. Carnal Christians who are not taken with the saints will be in great danger of being killed in the coming judgments.

Carnal believers may not have enough time to repent before the judgment falls on the U.S.A. Those believers left behind in America because of impurity risk being lost if they don't hurry and get right. So it is better to be red-hot now and dead to sin, the world, the flesh and the Devil so that you can depart in the exodus, or the "twinkling of an eye" departure of the true, spirit-filled church.

The Bible tells us that the following Nations are part of the Tribulation time: China and the far east, Russia, Europe, Africa and of course the Holy Land and the nations surrounding it. Those areas of the world are not obliterated as is another third of the earth, according to Bible prophecy.

There is no mention of any other big nation elsewhere, other than Babylon! America is just not in the Book of the Revelation, unless of course America is Babylon. And it appears that America could be the Babylon that is destroyed so terribly for sin. We need to remember that the original municipality of Babylon was obliterated long, long ago. Iraq, under Saddam, was rebuilding a new city of Babylon. But the re-build would have to undergo astronomical advances, in output and import/export, in order to live up to the image portrayed in Revelation of Babylon. The re-built Babylon would have to beat-out the U.S.A. in Gross National Product. Could that possibly happen in the near future?? If the end of all things is anywhere in the near future I would find it hard to believe. But if the end of all things is still another 50 or 100 years away, well then maybe.

There are awful sins in this country. Just talk to those who minister to street kids and they will tell you that many children are kept as slaves in big cities where they are tortured and forced to do satanic and evil things. One who has ministered to many such children, when he told one such child to run to the police she said, "They are our customers!"

America has killed over 42 million babies by abortion. It is one thing for dictators to kill babies. But when free people kill infants it is a far worse thing. We have made homosexuality an alternate lifestyle. Those who believe differently are persecuted. We have banned God from school. We have censored our public prayers. We are eradicating the Ten Commandments from the school house, and the City Hall. We have pulled the cross from off of all public property. We have removed Jesus from Christmas. We have enlarged Satan at Halloween in our schools. A news article stated that Halloween has become the second largest holiday celebration with Americans spending three to six billion dollars annually on this day devoted to the demonic! America is going to pay a massive price!! We once knew better...but we have fallen.

Any nation that has been the most blessed Nation of all the World and then to do what we have done is a Nation that if God didn't judge it HE would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!! Sodom and Gomorrah only had the tiny ray of light that Lot and his family radiated. America has had more light than any other Nation in all human history!

Now, I want to give you a very strong indicator that America is going to be destroyed. I'm going to use the Bible to show you this truth.

In Revelation Eight we read that a third of the earth is destroyed by some object(s) that fall from space. A third of the Sun's and Moon's light is cut off, perhaps by the secondary dust from the explosion or impact. Scientists tell us that a space rock one mile wide hitting the earth would cause an explosion the size of several multi-megaton hydrogen bombs! Now listen very carefully.

The Book of Revelation tells us that all kinds of things go on during the Tribulation in Europe, China, Russia, Africa, the Holy Land, the Middle East, the Far East, also the Arab countries are mentioned, Iraq and Iran. That is about two thirds of the face of the earth.

Nothing is said in the Bible about the people in those areas, I've just mentioned, being completely destroyed. All those areas have awful catastrophes of the Tribulation. But, they are NOT totally scorched to nothingness. Instead they go on and have population and events of the end time play out.

So, if a third of the earth is destroyed, where is that other third of the earth??? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that North and South America are about a third of the earth. We in the Americas are nicely hidden behind huge oceans. If we are destroyed the rest of the earth will only feel substantial secondary effects. The oceans will shield the rest of the world from the full force of judgment here.

That is why it is imperative that all believers who live in North, South and Central America become overcomers and exit in the "twinkling of an eye." Those who are left may get destroyed in bomb blasts or meteor hits on the earth BEFORE they can get back with God. Those who live in the U.S.A. may not have the full seven years to get right and be martyred as those who live in Europe, Africa, or Asia. Those who live here might only have a few days or months before judgment.

I have often wondered that if I miss the "twinkling of an eye," would it be wise for me to get a ticket to Israel on the next plane out so that I can buy time to pray through and get ready for martyrdom? If I should stay in the U.S.A. I might get obliterated before I can get right with God. So, I've decided to get as close to the Lord NOW so that I won't have to face that possibility or buy that ticket to Israel. I'm a gentile and gentiles probably can't immigrate to Israel. So, I better be pure and holy. My only safe ticket out of here is via the "twinkling of an eye" or if God takes me by way of the grave.

A prophet I know had a vision where he saw the area of California near where I live burned so black that there was not one living thing...not even a blade of grass left. North Korea has nuclear missiles that can hit the West Coast of the U.S.A.

It is sad that there are hard days that must be preached and prophesied about. People don't like to hear hard warnings. But sinful nations, such as my nation, have created the problem. God must come along and clean up our dirt and judge. It is not God's fault!! We can't complain...but we can be ready. GOD has made a way of escape. HE is a good God!!

There is a mansion prepared for each true believer in a better place. Don't you want to go? But the escape route of the "twinkling" is not for foolish virgins. It is NOT for people who have even a single drop of love for the ways of the world. The "twinkling" is only for "wise virgins." [See Matthew chapter 25] God leaves the "foolish virgins" behind because to translate them to Heaven would be for them to wake up in glory with the glory fire reaching out to incinerate them.

Remember, the "twinkling of an eye" is to be bodily translated into Heaven. Enoch's translation into the presence of God is a type of the "twinkling." Enoch was translated because he lived a life of holiness, intimacy and purity with God. Hebrews 12:14 rightly tells us concerning "holiness" that "...without which no man shall see the Lord..." So we either die out to the evil nature now through the Spirit in-filling and sanctifying touch of God, or as unfilled believers we physically die and enter Heaven by the grave. But God does not translate carnal Christians into Heaven. They would be consumed by his Glory. God is a consuming fire [See Deuteronomy 4:24 and Hebrews 12:29]. Darkness and evil are obliterated in a second before HIS awesome presence!

God loves the carnal Christians. HE doesn't want to incinerate them. So, HE leaves them to be purified by persecution and martyrdom. Daniel 12:10 speaks of this: "Many shall be purified and made white, and **TRIED**; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand."

It is easier to enter Heaven via the grave than to go as Enoch went. Remember Enoch was so holy that he literally walked into Heaven. That is exactly what the "twinkling" is. And it is very unwise for Christians to go about teaching each other that God is honor bound to translate into Heaven anyone who has ever prayed the sinners prayer, regardless of their current spiritual condition. Remember Jesus taught that "...every one shall be salted with fire..." [Mark 9:49] We will be purified by the fire of the Spirit of God, or the fire of physical death...and for those who hate God they will remain eternally in the fires of the Lake of Fire for there is no end to their purification. There is no cure for those who are God's determined enemies.

May I remind all who read that Enoch was translated, but Methuselah died in the very year of the Flood of Noah at the age of 969. Methuselah is not reported to be a terrible or awful person. But only Enoch was translated into glory. Methuselah was saved from the judgement of the flood by death! Methuselah could not walk into Heaven. Methuselah was not in the spiritual condition of Enoch. And very few believers today are in that fantastic spiritual condition to have the honor that Enoch had. It is easier to go to Heaven by the grave and most will go in that way! [See Gen. 5:24-27]

The Book of Revelation tells us that perhaps millions are going to be saved and then martyred during that Tribulation holocaust. We are shown unnumbered myriads of people who are killed for serving Jesus and who are given white robes and palm branches in Heaven following their cruel deaths! [See Revelation 7:9-17]

If you are full of carnality and you are suddenly killed in an atomic bomb blast you will not have anytime to say, "Lord Jesus, forgive me for that unforgiveness I had this morning!" And there is a chance you will wake up in Hell if you are killed in a surprise disaster, if you are a carnal, up again down again, believer. I hope the Eternal Security people are right, I really do. It will make it so much safer for us all. But I don't see their teaching as a very strong teaching in the Word of God.

What I have just written will only be understood and accepted by those who have a heart to understand. If you can receive this information then you are very blessed indeed. It is not easily understood and it takes the Holy Ghost to enlighten you and give you a witness about it.

I would advise every believer to pray and read and re-read Revelation, Chapters 17, 18, and up to 19:4. I have prayed and prayed and read and re-read these and I can't get away from what the two independent prophets said to me, not even knowing about the other. They walked up to me and told me on the same weekend, in different cities and different meetings that America is Babylon in the Book of Revelation.

May the Lord help you to understand.


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