God Will Move!

April 27, 2003 [Revised Nov. 3, 2004 and December 17, 2005]

I ran across a very important Scripture.

"It is time for thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void thy law." [Psalm 119:126]

For me this is a prophetic, rhema word. "Rhema" means a word of God that was not just spoken in the past and generally true, but is speaking right now for today.

This Scripture speaks to me this moment! Our society has "made void" God's law, God's words. They have not only turned away from the Bible, but they have actively worked to remove it from public places. And they want to remove Jesus, the living Word of God, even more so. They are offended by Jesus. They think it is okay to use HIS name as a curse word. However they do not want HIS words or HIS glorious Gospel proclaimed. They say that you can't take the Bible literally. They say that same sex marriages are appropriate, and that the Bible doesn't teach against such. They say the Bible contains myth. They say the miracles recorded in the Word are just Bible writers getting worked up.

This verse in Psalms tells me that when society supports such false beliefs, and when society says that the Bible is void and empty, then God HIMSELF is about to step in and do a work. And when God is done there will be no more atheists. They may hate GOD, but they will never again deny HIS reality!

I believe the World is going to see God Almighty move with fearsome power when God drops brimstone from Heaven on the united armies of Russia and the Arab world as they attempt to sweep down on Israel. The Bible says those armies, from those nations are, at some point, going to come against the Holy Land. The Holy Scripture says these armies will be annihilated. [See Ezekiel 39:1-5] After that incident all Israel will know that their God is alive and well. And the Arab world will know that its religion and its god is powerless. And Israel will be able to rebuild it's temple with little or no complaints! And the rest of the World will know for certain that atheism is a myth.

"And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog [Russia], before their eyes. [Ezekiel 38:16]

In the darkest days in China, when the Red Chinese were burning Bibles, closing churches and persecuting Christians in large numbers, the church found itself starving for the Word of God, the Bible. A single page of a Bible was a treasure shared and passed around to many, and even hand copied. In those days Jesus would appear and tell hungry ones where to go to find true saints of God, who had the good news of salvation.

I heard an evangelist who fluently speaks Arabic share something awesome. I'm sure you are aware that in Arab countries the Gospel and Bibles and Christians are totally taboo. But the evangelist said, "Did you know what a very common topic of conversation is among Arabs today?? They are asking each other this question: 'Have you seen the man in white appearing in your dreams who says he is Jesus of Nazareth?'"

God loves the Arabs too! And there is going to be a group of Arabs that receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

When the World takes away the written Word of God then the LIVING Word of God, Jesus, begins to appear!! God begins to move very directly.

And even in America they are trying to take Jesus and HIS Words out of the public arena. Where they are stopping HIS WORDS, I believe Jesus is going to show up more and more and more in other ways.

HE IS THE LIVING WORD OF GOD! And the Bible says that "Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY Words shall not pass away." This wonderful promise is repeated in Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31 and Luke 21:33. Each Gospel writer quotes it exactly the same! You can burn Bibles but you can't erase Jesus! HE is the Living Word. HE came back from HELL victorious and if HELL can't erase HIM nothing can erase HIM!!

So, be on the look out for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the carrier of Heavenly visions, appearances and even the Word of God. These are the last days. God is doing mighty things. And you are going to see awesome things, if you keep your eyes open and up, up toward the Hills, toward Heaven.

In 2002 and 2003 16.2 million people received Jesus Christ as Saviour in the country of Nigeria. That is based on signed cards collected and distributed to the churches to follow up after Rhinehart Bonnke's evangelistic services. This is the result of about ten or twelve mass services. Those services averaged about a million converts to Jesus in each meeting. That should tell you God is on the move. The Apostles never saw anything like that in all their lives on Earth! God is doing greater things!


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